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How to become a certified IP Practitioner, 

to offer individual sessions and to assist others

in one of most transformative journeys.

It is our exciting vision to train  many professional IP Practitioners , to make this Practice available worldwide.

If you want to become a professional IP Practitioner, and to offer individual sessions, we recommend to first go through the complete cycle of 10 individual IP sessions with a qualified IP Practitioner. Sessions are available online also, and here you will find complete list of recommended IP Practitioners. During these sessions you will learn to practice IP in your daily life, especially during a crises and stressful situations. Then you are ready to enter the certification process.


The steps to become certified IP Practitioner:

  • Participate in Power of Presence Practitioner level Training. In the Events section you will find the

date of the upcoming Training in spring 2023.

  • Completing the IP Apprenticeship Program.

  • Once you receive the certification, you are required to undergo a once-year supervision and invited

to regular participation in IP trainings, in order to stay connected to the standards of the

professional IP Practitioner and to keep your certification valid.

  • After becoming certified IP Practitioner if you feel the calling to become IP certified Trainer to offer

Introductory IP workshops, you can train with us (Colin and Magdalena) to receive the licence for it.

For more questions please contact Magdalena here.

With love

Magdalena and Colin

Founders of Integrative Presence


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