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Empowering yourself by practicing Being in Presence in your daily life, especially during stress and crisis situations

Going through the complete cycle of 10 individual sessions with qualified IP Practitioner is a beginning of an amazing process of waking up to your True Self. You begin to realise that you never left It,  and were only looking in a different direction. The practice of looking inside and choosing to be present with the truth of your moment is something you can take with you into your daily life experience, at any moment, for years to come. 

We recommend going through these sessions with qualified IP Practitioner, as a most optimal way of learning this incredible inner adventure of Self-Discovery.

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Inspiration that can change your life

The Truth of Your Moment

by Colin P. Sisson and Magdalena Janicka

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The benefits of going through a complete cycle of 10 individual sessions of Integrative Presence:


  • A growing connection with your inner power of presence and using it in everyday life, especially in a crisis situation - expanding the connection with inner peace and being able to relax more deeply. 

  • Consciously experiencing the beauty and power of the present moment

  • Realizing your highest potential

  • Growing connection with your intuition and creativity

  • A deeper experience of love, inner freedom and joy in life

  • An Inner Mastery in challenging life situations

  • A deepening of connection, intimacy, and love in loving relationships

  • More creative options in daily choices

  • Less tension in life, and more effectiveness

  • Learning how to become your own Practitioner and being able to give yourself your own sessions 

  • And so much more!

If you want love, discover your fears, make them fully conscious and when they integrate you will find love in the place it has always been - inside yourself. If you seek for love outside of you, you will create more fear. This is a secret hidden from most people. 

Colin P. Sisson

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