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The Power of Presence 

Discover the Power of Presence

during crisis and stressful times

Experience the relaxed and creative  

Flow of your life

Welcome in space of Integrative Presence

Why Presence?

When we keep focusing on outside situations and other people, making them the cause of how we are feeling, we lose sight of our inner power of presence that always lives in us. Being outer directed is the main cause of emotional pain, suffering and stress.

When we shift our conscious attention inside and choose to be present with the truth of our moment inside us, we are coming back to what we really are at our true core: peace, freedom, and love. Practicing Integrative Presence brings us back to our True Nature. From that space of Being, we live in a more relaxed, creative, and intuitive way. The choices we make are from the space of inner freedom. We consciously respond instead of habitually reacting.

A fresh and innovative approach to reconnecting with Power of Presence inside.

Unique & Simple with powerful results

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Experienced & Professional Trainers and Practitioners

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Inspiration that can change your life

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Self - practice

Empowering yourself by practicing in your life, especially during stress and crisis situations

Offering sessions to others

Being a professional practitioner for others 

The founders of Integrative Presence

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Magdalena Janicka

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Colin P. Sisson

How being present
can change the experience of your life

Reconnects with our inner power and true Nature

Opens up creativity and intuition, transcending habitual behaviours and patterns that ruled our life.

Reduces stress levels and our body, heart and mind become more relaxed

Increasing connection to unconditional love and peace center within us, experience of connection with everything that Is.

More relaxed and conscious choices in challenging situations - consciously responding to life and people instead of habitually reacting.

"When we are Being with our inner doing, our tension naturally dissolves, and what is left is our true, free and relaxed Nature"

Magdalena Janicka

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