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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Integrative Presence a therapy?

Integrative Presence is not a therapy. The therapy approach usually implies that there is something wrong

with us, or that something needs to be fixed or made better. The IP (Integrative Presence) core approach is that we are already Complete and there is nothing wrong with us. Through practice of connecting with Presence within, we are aligning ourselves, more and more, with our true Nature that is at peace already, and always has been.

IP is a practice of connecting with the power of presence inside us. How to begin to connect with Presence within is easy to learn from a qualified Practitioner during 10 IP individual sessions. Afterward you have the basic experience to transform your life through Conscious living and Presence and are ready to be a self-practitioner.


Q. Is Integrative Presence a breathing technique?

It is not. It uses conscious free connected breathing as an accompanying tool in IP sessions, but it is not needed to practice Presence. We can breath and not be present. But when we are present, the natural result is that our breath also becomes conscious.

Q.  I read Colin's Sissons books about Breath Integration and I would like to have BI session, where can I find a BI practitioner?

There are no more professional Breath Integration practitioners, as Breath Integration evolved into Integrative Presence over the last 10 years. Integrative Presence contains many elements of Breath Integration, with several important differences that make the process deeper and more gentle. Colin and Magdalena encourage you to try Integrative Presence sessions, as the core of the experience in the Victim and Freedom Cycles are still similar, with key differences. You can read about these developed processes in the newest book, "The Truth of Your Moment" now available in English from Amazon.

Q. Is Integrative Presence a technique?

It is not a technique. Technique implies effort and doing. IP practice is a practice of Being with our inner doing.

Q. Will Integrative Presence heal me and fix me?

Integrative Presence is about practicing being present with our trying to fix, heal and make better. It is the very identification with this part of us that separates us from who/what we truly are. The result of Being present with our resistance  is that we become free toward the very thing we wanted to fix or heal. The situation itself also often dissolves, or not, but in all cases, it doesn’t bother us anymore - because we are free in our relationship to it, and at peace. 

Integrative Presence practice uncovers the power and freedom that we already resides inside ourselves, that we lost sight of - this is he ultimate healing, to see that we are already whole and complete.

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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